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Maryland is home to nearly 8,000 miles of shoreline, and we want to make sure that Marylanders have access to it and realize the many benefits it offers.

ClearShark H2O creates and offers hands-on programs and experiences for the community and youth that are designed to inspire a passion for Maryland’s waterways, and connect them with one of the State’s most cherished resources.

Oyster Curriculum

Many children in Maryland are surrounded by water, but lack the resources to learn more about them.

In collaboration with the Oyster Recovery Partnership, we created a three-year, Oyster Curriculum for middle school students to educate them about their local waterways. The unique program includes field trips to local, environmental institutions and museums as well as valuable learning opportunities in the classroom.

Today, the curriculum is offered in eight Anne Arundel and Baltimore County schools, and we’re working with educators to expand the curriculum to other Maryland schools.

Little Skipjacks

Educating young kids about their impact on the world and local environment is an important part of our mission.

Offered in partnership with the Annapolis Maritime Museum, our Little Skipjacks program caters to Pre-K and Preschool aged children and provides an hour-long, hands-on lesson about the animals that live among an oyster reef.

Lesson activities include oyster-related story time, using senses to explore an oyster shell, interacting with small, living critters that live on an oyster reef, and more!

Oyster Games

One of our goals is to help youth in our community interact with and enjoy Maryland’s waterways.

In collaboration with the Oyster Recovery Partnership (ORP), we are bringing interactive STEM environmental education programs, called the Oyster Games, to our communities. Regardless of your proximity to the water, ORP has the staff, gear, supplies and knowledge to bring fun and affordable oyster programs to students of all ages.

These programs share one key objective – Oysters are used to educate students on the Chesapeake Bay, ecosystem and the important role we all play in the Bay’s recovery.

If interested in offering one of our programs in your school, contact our Executive Director, Nichole Bentz, at nichole@clearsharkh2o.org today.

Become a Partner

We’re always on the lookout for partners that we can collaborate with to create programs and initiatives that educate our community and youth about Maryland’s waterways. Please contact our Executive Director, Nichole Bentz, at nichole@clearsharkh2o.org with details on how you’d like to work together.

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